Elf HTX 909

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HTX 909 (2 Stroke Oil)

Developed for Motorcycle, Kart and Superkart Racing.

Elf HTX 909 has remarkable thermal stability and antioxidant properties and offers exceptional resistance at high running temperatures.ELF HTX 909 is recommended for engines running at very high speeds (up to 25,000 rpm).

Designed for use with Leaded Racing Fuel and Elf LMS Unleaded Racing Fuel.

ELF HTX 909 is packed in 1 litre containers - 18 per box.

All lubricants are 100% synthetic (this is a European standard) and are imported from the testing labs and competition divisions of Elf France.

Note: these products are not available via Singapore and are not part of the Elf / Total domestic range.

These lubricants are identical to those is used in Formula One, Moto GP, 24 Hour endurance racing and World Rally championships.

Go to elfracing.com for more info and specifications.


Elf HTX 909

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