RaceFuels Trackside

Muscle Car Masters, Sydney Motorsport Park

27 - 29 October 2017


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RaceFuels is on site at the event to service heritage touring cars and the Kumho Tyres V8 Touring Cars.

50litre drums will be delivered to these two categories on request:

98 RON Control Fuel
E85 RaceBlend
Elf LMS 102 RON 

Note also that there are now permanent bowsers at Sydney Motorsport Park, these bowsers will accept any credit card and dispense the following fuels...

RF100 = $3.95 per litre

Complies with CAMS Schedule G: "leaded racing fuel"

RF100 is manufactured by BP as Avgas, RaceFuels does not modify the product, it is sourced by RaceFuels in sealed 200litre drums. This fuel is the higher lead variety.

E85 - Race Blend  = $3.95 per litre

Complies with CAMS Schedule G: "commercial fuel"

Batch tested, this product is blended with 85% fuel ethanol and 15% 98 RON petrol.

98 RON = $2.20 per litre

Always stored in above ground tanks this fuel is always fresh as we top up the tank every 10 days on average.





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