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08 - 10 June 2018


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Control Fuel will be delivered to the Kumho Tyres V8 Touring Cars, delivery service and control 50L drums will apply.

RaceFuels will be on site on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with fuel available for all other competitors.

RaceFuels in partnership with Sydney Motorsport Park and the Australian Racing Drivers Club has installed fuel bowsers and tanks at SMSP; seven nozzles dispense fuels 24 hour per day* with payment made by a credit card reader… the first circuit in Australia to offer this service!

Follow the instructions on the credit card reader to purchase these three fuels...

98 RON (high quality pump grade fuel) – $2.20/L
This fuel is BP Ultimate and is supplied regularly, quality control is a strict requirement for the corporate drive events. Meets CAMS schedule G: Pump Grade Fuel.

RF100 Leaded Racing Fuel (Avgas) – $3.95/L
This fuel is BP Racing 100 / BP Avgas, this is the higher lead variety, it is sourced in sealed 200litre drums. Meets CAMS schedule G: Leaded Racing Fuel.

E85 RaceBlend (Batch Testing E85 for racing) – $2.45/L
This fuel is 85% Ethanol plus 15% 98 RON petrol, strict batch testing is applied to ensure quality and consistency. Meets CAMS schedule G: Commercial Fuel.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Elf 102 RON Unleaded Racing Fuel

Elf LMS - $8.00/L only in 50litre drums
This fuel is an imported racing fuel produced to FIA specifications, with 102 RON and 2.5% oxygen this fuel offers both protection an performance. Meets CAMS schedule G: Unleaded Racing Fuel.

Elf LMS is available on site, call Mark Tierney on 0419 511 517 to arrange delivery to your pitbay.






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